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"Cooking fits into a personal repertoire because everything happens in your head."


The olfactory, taste and sensory memory allows the idea of a 'crème brûlée' with 'foie gras' and peanuts or to mix dried apricots with scallops. For whoever has tasted it at the 'Café des Délices', it is as consistent as combining pear and chocolate!


Conversely, if I say coffee and grenadine nothing happens because it is total nonsense. Fortunately, everything is not frozen. Each of us makes and maintains his own repertoire. All cooking is a matter of taste, personality, escape, and freedom.


Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the first tool of the cooker remains his imagination, populated with flavors, textures, colors. In short, when the cooker manages the technique, he actually works with his head. It is him who instantly feels what needs to be.


The kitchen belongs only to the one who makes it.

 Le Bistro d'Hervé

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